Estate Pineta Tilburg

Estate Pineta, freedom as a way of living

Estate Pineta Tilburg

You will reach Pineta via the wide driveway at the Bredaseweg,  the stylish passageway between Tilburg and Breda. The outstanding location and excellent attainability of the estate are specific advantages of this location.

Outdoor living

The estate offers an unique environment for people with feeling for outdoor living. It’s a special experience and a big privilege to live in this healthy environment, in the nature of this estate with beautiful flora, fauna, space and complete privacy. You are living in the middle of nature and are enjoying at the same time the conveniances of the adjacent town.

Details of the estate Pineta

Between two high piers decorated with elegant lamps, is build a very fine gate made of wrought iron; marking the entrance to the magnificient driveway. During the season this driveway will be flanked by a white sheet of lilies of the valley, and on the right side is the edge of the woods. On the parklandscape  frontside of the estate are planted a great number of trees which are more than one hundred years old such as a solitary unique shaped beechtree, besides acacias and mature embankments of rhododendrons. In the open field a flagpole is posted. At the backside of the plot (the side of the Gilzerbaan) is also an entrance to the estate located.

  • Carport

There is a large wooden carport besides the driveway next to the bungalow.

  • Well and irrigation system

The plot has it’s own well and irrigation system with hoses ans sprinklers. It works on a suction pressure pump.

  • Woodshed

A large woodshed is available . The private forest is producing more than enough wood to heat the bungalow if you would prefer this kind of heating source.

  • Playground

On the area of the former foresters house and vegetable gardens is now a large open space in the forest which you can use as a nice playground

  • Greenhouse-stone shed- poultry run

Near the playground is a lane with raspberry bushes and apple- and cherrytrees. Here is also the greenhouse followed by a courtyard with a stone shed of about 4 x 4 meters and a double door. Opposite is the poultry run.

Beautiful present condition of the estate

The current owner studied at Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) the horticulture and forestry engineering and worked abroad as a senior  diplomat of the Department of Agriculture. The present condition of the estate Pineta is due to his vision of development and preservation of nature and his activities with regard to the maintenance. Periodically he chose for going back to nature in order to give the unique biotope its chance. Then he focused on an active maintenance.

Landscape gardener W.F. Marechal

The design of the forest- and pathplan and the parklandscape was designed at the beginning of 1900 and was realised under the guidance of the famous landscape gardener W.F. Maréchal from Den Bosch. It’s a varied design with many swaying pathes. See winding pathplan at photo’s.

Vital forest

On the estate you will find realy a huge vital forest with swaying lanes and paths. To the really well maintained estate are much young trees added in the last decades.

Estate Pineta Tilburg


A broad and high entrance gate made of wrought iron leads to the driveway. After 100 meters you arrive at the bungalow, situated on the parkside of the estate. First you will see on the right side the large wooden carport; on the leftside- near the very big oak and lime trees – you see the bungalow.


A large bungalow was built on the estate Pineta; suitable tot be used as a double house. See for more information at Bungalow Pineta Tilburg.

Application for building permit

It is possible to apply for another house at the estate. The house agent will inform you about this in detail.

Advantages of the “NSW 1928” status

The estate of 94.665 m² with a spacious double bungalow and a building block has been classified under the Nature Conservation law of 1928 (NSW 1928). That means to say that there are special regulations with advantages for the owner, regarding inheritance and gift tax, transfer and company tax, income en municipal taxes including the WOZproperty tax. Furthermore there is a forestation grant scheme.

There is a very attractive opportunity for forestmaintenance by a forest manager who is wellknown with the maintenance of estates and specially with Pineta. We will be happy to inform you more in detail about that.


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