Bungalow Pineta

Estate Pineta, The lungs of Tilburg

Bungalow Pineta Tilburg

Bungalow Pineta Tilburg

A large bungalow is located on the estate. This is also excellent suitable for double occupancy by two families. The bungalow is built in 1989 and has a content of 1.196 m³.

Outdoor Life: One with nature

The modern, large bungalow, designed and constructed by architect Van Hees, is all over double glazed and has therefore throughout pleasant light. Surrounded by gardens and woodland, the rooms with large windows offer everywhere views across the green outdoor space. The bungalow is so constructed that you will feel one with nature. The pleasantly large square rooms without thresholds and with high ceilings are caracteristic for the bungalow. The whole breathes freedom in all respects. The bungalow has an ideal location on the plot. It is an absolute privilege to be able to live in this unique atmosphere.

Single or double occupancy

If desired you can create – by the addition of a small partition wall – two houses of the building. You can inhabit the house as two separate bungalows, because there are two parts in an open connection with each other. Each part has its own hall, living, rooms, kitchen (or possibility for a kitchen) bathroom, toilet, central heating and terrace.


The entrance has an unique atmosphere and looks graceful. The steps are invested with marble mosaic and the mahogany door is fitted with exuberant carving. The entrance has extra fan doors. The cantilever gives the access to the house a sheltered character.

Possibility for second entrance

At the terrace side at the second part of the bungalow an additional entrance with a separate driveway can be made. The bungalow is provided with hardwood frames and windows with double glass. In 2013 the house is provided with a new alarm system and also two new high-efficiency Nefit Combi boilers were set.

Possibility for thatched roof and second floor

It is possible in a simple way to provide the bungalow with a thatched roof. It is also possible to realize an extra floor on the existing buildings. In addition to the extra living space there is from the second floor a grand view of the estate.